You are Freakin' Amazing!

“You are the goal, You are the way, You are the light, You are the whole”. That is the meaning when we say, “You are holy”. Osho

You are Freakin' Amazing!

The human’s capacity to use the self as a tool to love, heal and learn is a true gift, as well as the heart of course.

The greatest beauty of this time is that we’re beginning to see the convergence of science, ancient knowledge & spirituality.

Through using personal discernment and following internal guidance, I’m blown away with where my path has taken me personally & truly feel these are incredibly exciting times.

Blissed-out state

How can we get to a blissed-out state?

"By understanding that you are consciousness with a state of being- your own frequency. Even when you experience a circumstance, all you truly experience is your consciousness feeling a certain way about how you have interpret that circumstance". ~ Bentinho Massaro

Bentinho Massaro

Bentinho, in my opinion, is a true deliverer of spiritual clarity and balance. He channels and delivers information from a pure higher self state, taking todays language of self realization and self actualization to a usable rarely seen clarity. He's truly inspirational and if you follow his teaching the guidance this naturally leads you to finding your unique core calling.

I was led to practice Pranic healing and animal communication, but often found personal blocks and limitations along these paths, inhibiting my desire to progress. By learning and using the emotional guidance system and trusting my trail of excitement I was gradually able to take my first steps. My newly found confidence brought with it an unfolding and a more meaningful insight into why and what my calling is.

I Love inspiring others to be more of who they are and I do this by sharing my inspirations. There is an undeniable rise in spiritual beingness that cuts through old religious rigidness and dogma’s which leans towards a refreshing take on the metaphysical side of our beings.

I see myself as a guide and take great joy in sharing, watching and observing friends & spiritual teachers of today. We each have infinite ways to share and unfold with each other, blending past esoteric understandings and sharing personal experiences. If we could exchange ourselves with money, spend nurturing time together, encourage and integrate, wouldn't life be amazing! We are each so gifted and individual and yet so clearly are as one. With unity in mind we’re able to expand & create new paths of thinking, take thought beyond where it’s been before and use this understanding and knowledge to guide ourselves and others through this passage of life at this time.

I aim to be as transparent as possible in my blogs, my ambition is for a greater good for all. With the rise in spiritual understanding coming from grass root levels of self realization and self empowerment, we have so much to learn from each other, therefore I’m hugely open to being vulnerable and exposing weak points in my own judgements. With this approach we can encourage each other to be brave enough to make huge leaps in conscious living. Empower yourself by understanding how reality works, unlock your own unique potential and don't rely on the outside world for your own wellbeing and joy.

“Nothing is permanent” - Dalai Lama

Nothing is set in stone, We, life will continue to change in the process of getting to know ourselves, its self. We all play a part in this game and we all have access to infinite depths, consciousness is limitless. I don’t take personal credit for any of the information I deliver, I’ve taken lots of inspiration from other minds, I simply take responsibility for the way I deliver it and in making the choice to do it, these teachings, thoughts and ideas found me, through asking the questions.

- What is my true purpose?
- What is the relationship with spirit?
- What is the relationship with myself?
- What is the relationship with my family & the environment?

I have always questioned. It’s important to discern & interrogate those who tell us that something is true. Questions lead to answers & threaten the control structures and thankfully there are now more and more who are seeking answers. We as individual souls desire answers.

So for the next few minutes, put aside the model of the MIND as centrally localised to the brain so you can start to understand the much bigger picture.

You are Freakin' Amazing!

Imagine, there is only ONE MIND!

It helps to look at yourself as the result of something impersonal, part of a source field of space, time, energy, matter & biology, created by a universal consciousness. We are all interconnected, everything on earth is part of a unified consciousness, everything is spontaneously happening, our awareness is part of this consciousness, it’s energy, source energy! AND it is very much alive in all beings on earth & beyond!

Our nature and our thoughts are this mind, our thoughts and awareness whether we’re conscious of them or not is Source field. As we think thoughts this mind is sending out waves of energy that can be picked up and translated by the universal mind. What we think is not private and the CONCEPT of self is the only difference in how life is experienced. This mind/self has an infinite number of perspectives from which it can individually experience ITSELF. Whether human, animal, vegetation, mineral, We ARE ONE and we are here to create from our personal individual perspective.

As human beings each of us has the choice as to how we get to perceive & live life. A theme that is constant & definite to me is that my gift is of an innate love and respect for nature, this is a constant reminder that my core being is to be the observer of animal sentience & intelligence. Through hours of dog walking & quiet time with nature I have transformed, therefore to fulfil my part to share & inspire people be a part in their discovery of the world and themselves and perhaps encourage more of just being present with our animals and ourselves would be a true honour.

Lets take unconscious habitual thinking, recognise our personal thought patterns and conditional thinking patterns from the past and start to apply awareness to these  patterns in this present moment. Lets meet source face on and experience conscious, loving, unity with all life and the natural world around us.