Feeling Beings

Sometimes we become so dependent on our thoughts and emotions that we suppress the subtle movements of life nudging us towards larger truths, be still for a while and start to become aware of inward feelings, inner truths, your core being.

Feeling Beings

Discontinue deciding what anyone else should or shouldn't be doing. Every being came into this world with the right to fee will, all of nature is perfectly capable of making it's own choices.

When we allow ourselves the freedom to understand our own nature more and more, it becomes a pleasure to listen rather than dominate other beings.

Our pets mould into what we think we want them to be, but with all our unconscious baggage of what we perceive the world wants from us, what we believe the world should be, we give them mixed signals and they become mirrors of our shadow selves.

What is a person?

"If you look back at your life, you will find that you've never experienced anything other than your state of being." ~ Bentinho Massaro

Think about this. When we try to describe & define the "I", we think about the body, our body. I think this, I went there, I love that, I want to do or I want that, but what do we take & understand the "I" to be?

But we are not only the body, we are not only the emotions, we are not only the mind, we are not only the spirit, there is a continue interplay going on between these non physical aspects, if we fail to recognize the relationship between these states, it can lead to cold tunnel vision. Sadly with this lack of true insight in the moment we lose life's magic and life's sweetness and grace.

Self inquiry or self realization should be the foundation and the base of our education. We inherit words and understanding without having to look too deeply into them and lose our own reality. Our nature the "To be" is no effort, but somehow we think it is.

One of the things I woke up to 5 years ago when I started Meditation was how very little I knew myself. Having applied myself to Transcendental Meditation and learning to be still for the first time in my life, I noticed pieces of self started to drop away, the self I had accumulated without noticing.

Something is here within yourself and its not connected to concepts, language, words, symbols and beliefs, this energy lies within us, all people, all animals and plant life, all objects, it's the pulse of life, the life force, source, soul, the heart of all.

We can only ever start to understand others when we start to know what it is that exist in us.

Be innocent or simply just be the observer, learn to pay attention to when you have the mind chatter, listen rather than expound, pay attention to yourself and where you are having judgemental opinions and see where self attention takes you.

Feeling Beings

With being comes your core self

So be responsible for everything you experience.

Learn to know yourself, be awake, be present, ground and connect yourself to your natural flow.

Everything is the consequence of the relationship with your inner being, your core being, you either listen to this or you project what your mind tells you to project through socially conditioned ideas and old concepts. Memory is a function of the body, it can keep us rigid, tied up, action and mind orientated. Really though, to respect well being, life should be constantly changing, flowing, receiving, recharging, developing knowledge for itself, evolving giving us guidance, unfolding and feedback to our own state.

Take care of your inner world, your state of being, let the heart rule and the mind follow. Go within & discover. We are so curious and we search for all the answers outside of ourselves and we think that what the outside world echo's back is what's being felt, we are socially conditioned to build on the outside, but learn to realize your inner world is the driver.

Animals and nature are automatically tuned into this energy field, so we need to adjust ourselves our frequency if we want to listen to nature.

"Us as humans think a lot and every thought & feeling produces an electro- magnetic connection, we as humans lord possession over nature, we tend to forget nature isn't here for our purpose"~ Anna Breytenback