Charlotte Brookes Animal Communicator

Charlotte Brookes
Animal Communicator

Animal Communication

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Animal communication is a birth right to us all, we can all enjoy this connection with animals and nature anywhere at any time it's just a matter of tuning in with the correct mind set.

Nature is constantly radiating but because of our busy minds and tendency to rely mainly on the dominant visual sense we as humans tend to interpret data through our personal desires, ideals and experiences.

Nature is sentient, 'self aware' it has it's own meaningful aspect to the world around it, we as the communicator can tune in to help shed light on these areas and help to enhance the human-animal connection and help benefit both ways.

The animal communicator, also known as interspecies communication and animal telepathy uses subtle exchange of energy intentionally to connect intuitively with the animal.

We all witness these intuitive senses but we tend to remember situations that happen under extreme intensity or when our life is in danger, the communicator uses intention to create a spontaneous interaction of energies.

The Animal communicator isn't to be confused with "whisperers" or animal behaviourist, this is a separate field of study, based on reading the animal through behaviour patterns and body language.

How does Animal Communication work?

The communicator firstly quietens their mind.. We call this being present. The mind must be in the right place, still, peaceful & open, this allows connection with the heart and intuition.

No special technique or spiritual belief is necessary at this point, it's about accessing this inner state and tuning into the animals state of being and animal intelligence. Think of a radio station, the airwaves are not visible but we can listen to the radio as the airwaves are emitting the music and words, the radio station is the sender your radio is the receiver, by tuning into the animal we can pick up information with our five senses or beyond.. language, time and distance are not a barrier.

As Telepathy has no limits communication can be performed remotely using photographs as a focus point.